Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Indonesia goes with DRM!

"We have some good news to announce tonight." So said DRM Consortium Chair Ruxandra Obreja at a gathering of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) members in Instanbul.

Read more here. This is great news and one more "sold out" country for DRM in Asia. Now all they need is a reasonably priced DRM receiver!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Avion receiver in use at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam

This video tells the story! Now, when do the rest of us get our hands on one? The BBC broadcast via Babcock seen/heard on the video sounds great. Will this "Made in India" receiver be the tipping-point for DRM worldwide? We shall see and we can hope.

Developers...Start your engines!

Not DRM but an incredible opportunity to make a difference using International Shortwave!
Here is the BBG RFP to develop end-user mobile software to decode and display VOA Radiogram.
VOA Radiogram (presented by Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott) has more than proven itself as a way to get text and images into all corners of the globe, using conventional AM shortwave transmitters.

Now it is your turn to develop mobile software, to see VOA Radiogram received on typical, off the shelf mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. See the RFP here and recognize the short turn-around time to apply. Let's see a DRMNAer "go for the gold" and earn the monetary prize behind this awesome initiative! Hurry, there is no time to lose.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Babcock DRM transmissions for Europe during IBC 2015

During IBC, Babcock will be transmitting DRM service from the UK, towards Europe.

  • 1600-1700 local Amsterdam time (1400-1500 GMT), BAB Woofferton, 100 kW, 6040 kHz, 114 degrees (Programme TBA)
  • 1700-1800 local Amsterdam time (1500-1600 GMT), BAB Woofferton, 100 kW, 6040 kHz, 114 degrees (BBC WS English). 

See the original press release here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DRM @ IBC 2015

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) has a lot in store for participants in this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam 10th – 15th September. IBC is the leading global tradeshow for broadcasters and media professionals and attracts over 150,000 visitors every year from over 160 countries worldwide.

The Consortium is ready with more DRM news, events and equipment than ever. Our key member Babcock International will ensure that there will be live DRM transmissions (10-13th September) from the UK between 14.00 – 16.00 UTC (+2 hours for Amsterdam), featuring BBC content on 6040kHz, 100kW from Woofferton on 114 degrees to Europe.

With 4 events and 5 hosting companies this will be the richest IBC for DRM. During these events we will introduce you to the rich features of the new commercial Indian receiver (from new Consortium member Avion Electronics) colour LCD with million colours, 10-12 hours of backup on single charging, x-HE-AAC audio coding, emergency warning, AFS, DRM text and scrolling messages. The receiver will soon be available on Amazon. Recent and exciting market developments in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America will feature large on all these days as well as innovative solutions for multi-standard receivers like the one in the sights of TheRadioHub, Norway.

All those interested are invited to meet DRM experts, broadcasters and manufacturers:
Fraunhofer IIS on Friday 11th September celebrating the first India made receiver, Avion, with the xHE-AAC audio codec and Journaline , from 1400-1500 (Hall 8 B80);

Thomson Broadcast focusing on transmitters for alert systems on Saturday 12th September from 1100 to 1230 (Hall 8 C35);

Nautel in the afternoon between 1530 and 1700 (Hall 8 C49) under the banner “New Developments in DRM Transmitter Technology”,

And Sunday 13th September will feature a joint event on integrated transmission systems between Ampegon and Transradio from 1100 to 1230 (Hall 8 D35).

Ruxandra Obreja, the Consortium Chairman, says that: “Last year we made an exciting announcement and we hope that 2015 IBC will be even better for all those interested in digital sound broadcasting technology. During IBC we hope to demonstrate that DRM is closing the loop between excellent transmitted sound with multimedia services on all frequency bands and reception on state of the art receivers”.

Other DRM members present at IBC are: Babcock International, GatesAir, RIZ Transmitters and RFmondial.

If you want to attend the DRM events, please contact: