Saturday, August 18, 2018

WBCQ in the news

Reference this video from a Monticello Maine TV station. Allan Weiner of WBCQ is interviewed and (as previously reported) the funding is "World's Last Chance". This group aligns with Adventist movement, uses Hebrew derived names for God and Jesus and uniquely believes the world is flat.

In the video you will see some clips of the enormous ALLISS antenna being constructed as well as onsite buildings. This will be the first ALLISS installation in North America.

On the positive side, this will be a great DRM resource here in North America. On the negative side... I'll let you decide about the optics of an End Times, Flat Earth group being the spokespeople for North American DRM technology. Editorial comment: Ugh.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

DRM via online Kiwi SDR

Brother Terje offers the finer points on using the online Kiwi SDR network to decode DRM broadcasts at home. Give it a try! This is a great solution to hearing a DRM transmission from outside the broadcast area.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

More great DRM news from Asia

Several fine bits of news...

WINB reports via Twitter: "CNR 6030 DRM service is now 24 hours." 

and Brother Alokesh reports:
"All India Radio, Bangalore has re-commissioned its 500 KW DRM SW transmitter with effect from 3rd August, 2018. DRM transmissions were off air since 27th Feb 2017 as the main tube failed.

Tentative schedule in DRM mode :

European Beam at 320 deg
1820-2230 UTC (2350-0400 IST) - 7550 kHz (Hindi/English)

Japanese beam at 90 deg
2245-0045 UTC (0415-0615 IST) - 7550 kHz (Hindi/English)

Please monitor & post your reception reports to :

Noted on air with 2 programs ( GOS - IV  & Vividh Bharati) during check at
1840 UTC, 4th August, 2018."

Following up to some previous posts, Dr. Elliott sent this DRM decode audio via Hebei SDR of the CNR DRM program audio from a day or so ago. See previous post on this topic.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

China DRM update from Brother Zyg

Brother Zyg reports:

According to this Chinese blog using Google translation:

"July 24, 2018, the second time in China's voice test launch DRM digital AM broadcast.

According to the official information, the frequency of the test is 6030kHz, the launch time is 04:25-02:05, and the original analog signal launch time. 

During the test, Beijing time Tuesday 14:00-17:00 routine downtime maintenance.

6030KHZ original analog signal power of 100-kilowatt, and this year at the end of January, the first test launch of the same, DRM digital AM broadcast power only open 30-kilowatt.

Mainly for the North China launch, the Middle East part of China can receive signals. Downtime is not scheduled during testing, depending on the device's debugging or testing needs.

At the same time, the launch pad staff welcomed the conditions of enthusiasts to listen to and record the detailed reception information, to the official feedback listening effect, in order to improve the launch work.


Frequency Change (information continues to update during testing)
July 25 10:00 shutdown, 11:30 resumed launch.
July 26 09:00, modulation mode to 64QAM, is expected July 27 09:00 Restore the original mode."

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Chinese DRM makes it to NA

Well, the ID made it! Here is a screenshot from my early morning reception. I see the Chinese ID is different from the other reception I've seen (which said something like "National Music"). This one translates to "Voice of China". My reception was 6030 kHz at about 1430 UTC my Tuesday morning.

Brother Zyg says "HFCC lists 6030 kHz as Beijing China with 100 kW to an omni directional antenna.  Inputting these parameters into VOACAP shows marginal signal to the west coast of the USA from 1000 to about 1500 UTC."