Friday, October 19, 2018

USCG - Always Ready and DRM might be the path forward!

You might recall our excitement when the United States Coast Guard announced testing of DRM for Alaska shipping and weather product delivery.

Well, the verdict is in and it is a strong GO!

Brother Brendan served as our representative on this one (former U.S. Coast Guard radioman, I might add - Semper Paratus!) by presenting them with reception reports and data analysis. So without further adieu, here is the final report: Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)Broadcast Summary Report For Long Range Dissemination of Maritime Information. Thanks to Benn for the tip from DXLD. Please note that they discuss sending News and Sports info via DRM too. COOL!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

The "High-Frequency Parties" submit an FCC filing

I have ranted ad nauseum on this blog about needed changes to federal regulations about shortwave broadcasting. So with compatriots Benn Kobb and Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott, I have put my money where my mouth is - by co-submitting a filing to the FCC about updating said regulations for shortwave broadcasting!

Please enjoy it here. In addition, Benn has posted a FAQ to clarify the finer points of our treatise.

This is not a proposal, merely a response to FCC Docket 18-227 "Media Bureau Seeks Comment on the Status of Competition in the Marketplace for Delivery of Audio Programming".

Monday, September 3, 2018

WINB Test Transmissions of Wavescan

"At the present time, the American shortwave station WINB is conducting a lengthy series of test transmissions in the digital DRM mode from its new transmitter at Red Lion in Pennsylvania. According to Hans Johnson, Frequency Manager for WINB, these test transmissions are beamed to Europe and to North Africa.

The AWR international DX program “Wavescan” has been invited to participate in the WINB test transmissions and these special digital broadcasts are scheduled to be on the air during the month of September.  Reception reports on the reception of these DRM broadcasts will be most welcome and they can be addressed to both WINB in Pennsylvania and to the AWR DX program “Wavescan” in Indiana.

The schedule for the broadcasts of “Wavescan” over WINB indicates that this half hour DX program will be on the air twice each week, Monday and Friday, at 1630 UTC on 15670 kHz.  In addition, there will be another broadcast of “Wavescan” during the week in between the Monday and Friday, a Mystery Broadcast, on a day and at a time not announced in advance.

All reception reports addressed to “Wavescan” will be verified with a specially endorsed QSL card, and reception reports of the unannounced in-between Mystery Broadcasts will be honored additionally with a souvenir from AWR in Indiana.  Reception reports indicating reception in the digital DRM mode are preferred, though honest reception reports in the analog mode will also be appreciated.  The analog reports will at least give an indication to WINB of the coverage area of these test transmissions.

Multiple reception reports, each on a different day, will be verified individually with the specially endorsed QSL card.

All of the “Wavescan” broadcasts are scheduled for transmission on 15670 kHz and genuine reception reports from anywhere in the world will be most appreciated..  These may be sent by email, or by postal mail with an address label and return postage if possible.  Remember that IRC Coupons are now no longer valid in the United States.  Remember also that the postal address in Indiana has been “borrowed” temporarily and it is valid only in September and October.

Shortwave radio station WINB is owned and operated by World International broadcasters and it was inaugurated in October 1962 with a 50 kW Continental transmitter Model No 417B.  The original transmitter was rebuilt and taken into service again in 1997.

The international DX program “Wavescan” is a co-operative venture on the part of Adventist World Radio and KSDA Guam, Radio Miami International WRMI in Florida, Voice of Hope KVOH in California and Voice of Hope in Zambia Africa, and World Wide Christian Radio WWCR in Tennessee.  

Please note the following addresses for reception reports on the WINB test broadcasts:-

* By email to WINB:
* By postal mail to WINB: Box 88, Red Lion, Pennsylvania 17356, USA
* By email to “Wavescan”:
* By postal mail to “Wavescan”:

Adventist World Radio
WINB Test Broadcasts
Box 771
Indiana 47402-0771

[From Adrian Peterson via Alokesh Gupta]

Saturday, August 18, 2018

WBCQ in the news

Reference this video from a Monticello Maine TV station. Allan Weiner of WBCQ is interviewed and (as previously reported) the funding is "World's Last Chance". This group aligns with Adventist movement, uses Hebrew derived names for God and Jesus and uniquely believes the world is flat.

In the video you will see some clips of the enormous ALLISS antenna being constructed as well as onsite buildings. This will be the first ALLISS installation in North America.

On the positive side, this will be a great DRM resource here in North America. On the negative side... I'll let you decide about the optics of an End Times, Flat Earth group being the spokespeople for North American DRM technology. Editorial comment: Ugh.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

DRM via online Kiwi SDR

Brother Terje offers the finer points on using the online Kiwi SDR network to decode DRM broadcasts at home. Give it a try! This is a great solution to hearing a DRM transmission from outside the broadcast area.