Wednesday, December 18, 2019

NASB 2020 at EWTN / WEWN Birmingham, Alabama announced

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters 2020 Annual Meeting

Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 15, 2020
At EWTN/WEWN in Birmingham, Alabama, USA

This should be a memorable NASB, hosted by the shortwave station WEWN, launched by Mother Angelica on December 28, 1992.

Details here. As usual, there is no charge to attendees and shortwave enthusiasts are encouraged to attend. This conference is truly a highlight of my year. The members are the best and we always have such a great time. Come on along, you will be among shortwave friends!

More details to follow.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

KTWR - Christmas Present of DRM

KTWR wishes you a blessed and peaceful Christmas season!

There will be several special DRM broadcasts in December beginning tonight:

Day                    Date     Time (UTC)         Freq       Beam   Language            Program

Saturday            14 Dec  1100 – 1200        9910     305        Mandarin             Jesus Film
Sunday              15 Dec  1030 – 1100        13800   285        English               *2018 Christmas Special
Monday             23 Dec  1030-1100          13800   285         English                2019 Christmas Special
Monday             23 Dec  1230-1245          7500      320        English                2019 Christmas Special
Tuesday             24 Dec  1030-1100          13800   285         English                2019 Christmas Special
Tuesday             24 Dec  1230-1245          7500      320        English                2019 Christmas Special
Wednesday        25 Dec  1030-1100          13800   285         English                2019 Christmas Special
Wednesday        25 Dec  1230-1245          7500      320        English                2019 Christmas Special

*Your feedback on this one needed!  Since it has significant music we’re using SBR.  To get the data rate for SBR we’re reducing FEC to PL=1.  Too many dropouts?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

CNR-1 on 6030 kHz

No audio today, but they are running Mode A and very high bitrate. I'm curious to know how it is doing domestically for them. This almost seems like MW groundwave/local parameters.

Anyone able to get audio from this one? Post reception to Twitter with our #drmlog tag if so!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Francisco Braccini - DRM hero!

Brazilian DRM enthusiast Francisco Braccini gets his moment to share the DRM gospel with President Bolsonaro. I only wish there was a translation. Well done Brother Francisco!

UPDATE 20191205: The following was posted to the DRMNA list by Alan in Australia this morning. Not sure about the accuracy, but you will get the idea!

Talk to President Jair Bolsonaro

Good morning President, we are looking forward to the approval of Digital Radio in Brazil at technologic Digital World Radio.

Is it a bill?

It’s underway with the Ministry of Commons, I’ve even been talking to the people there. We support the technology. Who did you talk to there.

I spoke with Secretary Flavio. Stay for two and a half hours talking to MCTIC Secretary Flavio?

That there should be a lot of project going on then, to send to Congress, it is not That

Yes, I even walked proposal to use this technology in this area that I studied until the DRM. We Cheer. It’s not my beach but the idea sounds good to me. HeHeHe

China, Russia, England Already have it?

Already have it, is already well consolidated. It has come at an important moment of standardisation, at a very good time.

Via internet signals it?

Not necessary. It fills all terrestrial broadcast bands in Brazil Short Waves, Medium Waves, FM And she doesn’t need satellite either, she goes straight through For example a radio from China can be received in Brazil. Write it down Flavio MCTIC Digital Radio Mission, call him I want to talk to this guy

Yes sir

Thanks, value, Where are you from, man?

I’m from Porto Alegre, Rio Grand do Sul Bah has lost male here!

Tomorrow, I will be where there in Rio Grande do Sul>

Bento Goncalves

Excellent president

Thank you very much President!



Conversa com o Presidente Jair Bolsonaro

Bom dia Presidente, estamos na expectative pela aprovaçã do Rádio Digital no Brasil, na technologic Digital Rádio Mundial

É Um projeto de Lei?

Está tramitando Ministério das Comumicações, até estive conversando com o pessoal lá. Torcemos pela tecnologica.

Falou com quem lá?

Falei com o secretário Flávio. Fiquek por duas horas e meia falando Secretário Flávio, do MCTIC?


Lá deve monte de projeto tramitando então, pra mandar para o Congresso, nã0 é


Tem sim, emcaminhei até

 Proposta para emprego dessa tecnologia, nesta área que estudei até, o DRM. Torcemos

Não é minha praia, mas a ideia me parece boa hehehe

A China, a Rússia, a Inglaterra

Já tem isso?

Já tem isso, já está bem consolidado e

Chegou num momento importante lá de padronização, num momento que está muito bom

Via sinais de Internet isso?

Nao presisa. Ela preenche todas as bandas de radiodifusão Terrestre do Brasil

Ondas Curtas, Ondas Médias, FM

E também ela não necessita de satélite, ela tramita direto

Por exemplo uma Rádio da China pode ser recebida no Brasil

Anota aí Flávio MCTIC, Rádio Digital , Missão, liga pra ele que eu quero falar com esse cara aí

Sim senhor

Valeu, value. Tu é da onde cara?

Eu sou de Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Bah tem um macho perdido aqui!

Amanhã eu vou estar aonde lá no Rio Grande do Sul?

Bento Gonçalves

Excelente Presidente

Muito obrigado Presidente!


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fraunhofer and China pen xHE-AAC & Journaline MOU

Read the article here but the meat of it can be found in this quote:

"The MoU is based on long-term mutual trust established in previous collaborations, and aims to further develop the cooperation with regard to the open terrestrial DRM standard, including technologies substantially developed by Fraunhofer IIS, such as the xHE-AAC audio codec and the Journaline text service. In addition, the two parties will intensify their exchange of information on DRM technology, work on jointly promoting DRM technology, conduct workshops on DRM technology, and conduct field trials to successfully drive the deployment of DRM in China."

It would appear this will simplify the process for DReaM and other receiver software solutions to use xHE-AAC, which has been long-term point of contention with DRM enthusiasts. Moreover, I think this act solidifies China's commitment to DRM. Could this act break the log-jam of affordable receivers?

20191204 CLARIFICATION: Brother Rafael informs me that the xHE-AAC is only a problem for the compiled Windows version of DReaM, the binaries already do contain the codec. He indicates that programmers are needed (not paid, just willing souls) to build Windows compiled versions.