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DRM Journal citation bibliography

The following is a list of (mostly) academic articles (listed by title) to help in understanding, implementing and using DRM. Some are available online free (links included where applicable), others you may have to obtain through your library. Enjoy!


Accuracy analysis of the Millington's prediction method in the medium waveband. Guerra, David, et al. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 55.2, 2007, pg 500+

AIR–DRM All India Radio DRM+ Showcase. May 2011.

Analysis of the ITU-R P.1546-2 Prediction Method Accuracy for DRM Local Coverage Using the 26 MHz Band. Peña et al. IEEE BTS Annual Symposium. Washington DC. 2007. USA.

Autocorrelation properties of OFDM timing synchronization waveforms employing pilot subcarriers. Ureten, Oktay, and Selcuk Tascioglu. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2009.

Carrier and Noise Measurements in the Medium Wave Band for Urban Indoor Reception of Digital Radio. I Fernandez, P Angueira, D De la Vega, I Peña et al. Broadcasting, IEEE Transactions. Broadcasting, IEEE Transactions. Vol PP Issue:99. pg 1

CBC TECHNOLOGY REVIEW. P Jackson, MBA Jacques Bouliane

A common SDR platform for digital audio broadcasting system.
Di, Na et al. [Acad. of Broadcasting Sci., Radio Inst., State Adm. of Radio, Film & Telev., Beijing, China] Image and Signal Processing (CISP), 3rd International Congress. 2010. pg 3708+

Compatibility analysis of in-band digital radio systems in interference channel environment. Baek, M.S. et al. Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC), International Conference, 2010, pg 539+
Delivering Digits to Rural Radios: Making Digital Radio Mondiale Work. OP Haffenden. Second European Conference on Antennas and Propagation [EuCAP], 2007

Design of a mixed prime factor FFT for portable digital radio mondiale receiver. Kim, Dong-Sun, et al. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 54.4 , 2008, pg 1590+
Digital HF communications for the polar regions - a low-cost alternative to satellite? M Prior-Jones, M Warrington, MR Prior-Jones. EGU General Assembly, 2010

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DRM Lecture Series by Rev. Dr. John Stanley

Digitising VHF FM sound broadcasting with DRM+. A Steil, F Schad, M Feilen, M Kohler 2009
DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) local coverage tests using the 26 MHz broadcasting band. Matias, Jose Maria, et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 53.1 , 2007, pg 59+
DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) tests results for mobile reception in 26 MHz band for local coverage. JM Matias, I Pena, D de la Vega BMSB 2009

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DRM for Local Coverage in the 11 m band - Predictions and Measurements. F Maier, I Pena, P Angueira, A Tissen. 10th Workshop on Digital..., 2009

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External noise measurements in the medium wave band. Prieto, Gorka, et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 53.2 , 2007, pg 553+
Frequency synchronization strategy for a PC-based DRM receiver. V Fischer, A Kurpiers Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

Implementation of Digital Radio Mondiale receiver-part I. DE Willcox, J Kim, C Loewen System Theory Symposium (SSST), 2010
An improved sampling frequency offset estimator for OFDM-based digital radio mondiale systems. You, Young-Hwan, et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 54.2 , 2008, pg 283+

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Local Radio using Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) in the 26 MHz Band?A R‚ sum‚ at the end of the Nuremberg/Dillberg field trial. 

Location correction factor for coverage planning tools for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) in the 26 MHz band. JM Matfas, I Pena, D de la Vega Broadband, 2008
Low-computation-cycle, power-efficient, and reconfigurable design of recursive DFT for portable digital radio mondiale receiver. Shin-Chi Lai, et al. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-II-Express Briefs 57.8 , 2010, pg 647+

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Medium wave DRM field test results in urban and rural environments. Guerra, David, et al. Medium wave DRM field test results in urban and rural environments. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 51.4 , 2005, pg 431+
A mixed-path groundwave field-strength prediction virtual tool for digital radio broadcast systems in medium and short wave bands. L Sevgi. Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE, 2006

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Multiple-site investigation of the properties of an HF radio channel and the ionosphere using Digital Radio Mondiale broadcasting. J Mlynarczyk, P Koperski. Advances in Space Research. 6 Oct 2011
Performance evaluation of low density parity check codes for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) system. Wang Jiaqing, Yu Xiaoyan, and Wu Lenan. Journal of Electronics [China] 23.2 , 2006, pg 189+

Planning Factors for Digital Local Broadcasting in the 26 MHz Band.

I Pena, T Lauterbach, P Angueira, A Arrinda et al. Broadcasting, IEEE Transactions on. Vol 57 Issue: 1, March 2011. pg 24+

The practical experience of DRM long distance reception.
Professional Test Receiver for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Signals. I Eizmendi, I Pichel, M Velez, G Prieto ISCE, 2006

Robustness mode detection algorithm in the DRM system. Zeng, Lin, et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 54.4 , 2008, pg 792+
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Study of the ionospheric interference for planning DRM local services using the 26 MHz band. I Pena, U Gil, I Angulo, P Angueira. Ionospheric radio Systems and Techniques (IRST) 2009
Technical Aspects Outline for the Strategy of Launching Digital Broadcasting in Poland on Wave Bands Below 30 MHz A Dusiński, J Jarkowski. Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 03/2011, pg 141.

Technical feasibility study and field trial concept for DRM-based digital radio in the VHF-FM radio band. A Steil, M Kreutzer, M Feilen, J Lehnert.

Transmit diversity in the DFM system. Wang, Pengjun et al. [Dept. of E.E., Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China]. Computer Application and System Modeling (ICCASM), International Conference, 2010. pg V2-533 - V2-537
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The Use of the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) system for local broadcasting in the 26MHz band and potential for skywave propagation interference between 2 or more broadcasts operating on the same frequency channel (co-channel interference). H Donald Messer, 2007

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