Saturday, December 4, 2010

B&W LCD display for our DRM rxer?

Have you ever been to Kohl's, the budget retailer? They have (at least locally in Salem, OR) replaced their pricing signage with these LCD dot-matrix displays. The manufacturer touts 5 year battery life on them! What a great, low cost display for our "budget line" receivers! They appear to be manufactured for Altierre by Li & Fung Trading Ltd.

I think this photo is a simulation as the in-store signs look a bit more pixleated. Anyone have any idea as to what we might be able to use as an off-the-shelf equivalent? If Kohl's can put them on the shelf of every product in the store, they MUST be dirt-cheap!

IN OTHER NEWS: Stay tuned. I hope to soon be posting an interview with Rafael Diniz of DRM-Brasil. He is involved in promoting DRM to Brazil as they are making their digital conversion decisions. I think Brazil represents the only "American" country to be near to accepting DRM as their digital broadcasting format. The added bonus will be having his answers in English for us mono-linguists!

FOLLOW-UP: Yesterday I saw a greeting card that had a digital frame inside! $12.99 at our local Fred Meyer retail chain. These little displays have reached disposable status!