Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, where is my Disco?

[The disco has returned! The Disco Palace 20:00-21:00Z & TDPRadio 21:00-22:00Z on 17755 KHz Daily] -admin

Welcome to 2011 DRMNAers! I'm hoping for great things for DRM in NA this year. Unfortunately, the first bit of news is not so good. TDP and Disco Palace have been missing from our DReaMs! Here are snips of a few email we received on the DRMNA Yahoo group from Jacques F6AJW recently:

I have currently no info on actual reason of breakdown in MSY but FYI,
Toucan antennas (2) installed in MSY are different from ALLISS antennas(12!)
used in ISSOUDUN. Each Alliss antenna has its own 500kW TX
installed in basement with a very short 50 Ohms coax feed.

In MSY, it is quite different from ISS architecture: all transmitters
are located in the same building and Toucan antennas (and fixed antennas
but electrically skewable) are fed thanks to 50 Ohms 9 inch diameter
pressurised coax cables (quite long, up to nearly one kilometer).

Only one transmitter (THOMSON) is DRM capable (up to 150 kW RMS and 250
kW carrier in AM). In ISS, 2 ALLISS transmitters / antennas were
converted to DRM (150 kW also) using the same solid state modulator as
the one in use in MSY. I suspect that it is the DRM transmitter in MSY
which is down as it would be possible to use an other antenna, I presume.


The usual problems occurring are related to the availability of Comet
vacuum capacitors or solid state driver or PA tube (TH 558) or
mechanical issues.

Let us hope we can do the Hustle to Disco Palace and TDP Radio soon!