Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shared Apex Loop Array for DRM

Here is a write-up from DRMNA member Mark Bauman on his cool antenna design and excellent results using it for DRM reception. I asked him to write a bit about himself as an introduction. Please offer him your ideas and feedback via the DRMNA Yahoo Group. ...Ladies and Gentlemen - Mark Bauman, KB7GF :

"When I was in the fourth grade, I read a book about electronics - and it
revealed that there was a type of radio that could receive stations from all
over the world. I was so excited - I told my dad about it and he said that
he had one in the closet. I remember telling him that he must have
misunderstood me, because if he had a radio like that, it surely would not
be in the closet gathering dust! Sure enough, though, he had one - a
Heathkit GR-91 receiver that he built in high school. We hooked a wire up
to the window screen and we listened to HCJB from Ecuador that night. I was
hooked! I've continued to enjoy radio ever since. I'm a registered patent
agent and electrical engineer for Nelson Irrigation Corporation in Walla
Walla, Washington and also operate several small businesses. My wife,
Anne-Marie, and our four children ranging in age from 2 to 15 live in an
antenna restricted neighborhood in College Place Washington. "

Read Mark's PDF about his Shared Apex Loop Array antenna design. Can't you see this thing hidden under the guise of a garden umbrella!