Sunday, December 4, 2011

Maybe it is the content...

For any West Coasties out there, KGO "Newstalk 810" in San Francisco (a true 50kW AM blowtorch up and down the West Coast of the USA) just dumped what I always thought was a fairly engaging News/Talk format in favor of mostly news. They fired numerous radio legends with no pre-announcement and have clearly bummed out lots of listeners.

Perhaps the bigger story here is that apparently the news/talk format just doesn't sell, as the new KGO owner decided that with slipping Arbitrons, the talk stuff must go. So what would a successful DRM broadcast in North America carry as far as content?

I like the mixed format of RNZI. I quickly grew weary of RCI's new immigrant directed content. Disco is nice, but Disco Palace couldn't really run 24/7 and keep an audience.

In the end, what I'm saying is that as much as I enjoy DRM, the format is not the message. What could survive on DRM when even standard broadcasting (especially AM) is dying a thousand deaths from Internet streaming, iPods, Podcasts and apathy?

[Cool but sad KGO graphic from artist Dan Harris. Check out his gorgeous art and blog here.]