Friday, December 9, 2011

Target Brazil : Montsinery with Radio Nacional de Brasilia

Gorgeous reception and music! This is what DRM is all about. What was the bitrate (16.56 kbps, AAC+, P-Stereo)? Thanks for the video Rafael.

Brazil update from Rafael Diniz:

" It's clear that Brazil will choose it's Digital Radio Standard soon. Sandro Alex, a Brazilian deputy member of the Digital Radio comission said the standard will be announced in the first semester of 2012. In this context the French Guiana TDF station is conducting DRM trials on different frequencies with the transmissions beamed to Brazil. The trials are using "Radio Nacional de Brasilia FM" audio and also Brazilian related images in a slideshow service. It's great to see that the signal can be received by consumer DRM receivers inside my home. Some DRM enthusiasts all over Brazil are able to catch dropout free DRM reception with superb audio quality. Here are some videos of TDF reception made this week (using consumer receivers or SDRs).

Using consumer receivers (Morphy Richards): [see video above]

Using SDR-based receivers: "

Thanks Rafael. We are all pulling for you! It is nice to have some conclusive evidence (in the form of reception videos) why DRM is a great solution for Brazil's digital plans!

UPDATE: Find even more links about this at Digital Radio Mondiale - Brasil