Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More good Newstar DR111 user reports!

Via the Newstar DR111 Yahoo Group, John of Halfmoon NY writes:  "I received my new unit yesterday and spent a bit of time getting familiar with it. I was impressed that I could receive the Vatican Radio DRM transmission at 2300 UT from Santa Maria de Galeria almost flawlessly (one minor dropout for about ten seconds during the half hour) using only the whip antenna and in the house. Later I was able to get sporadic reception of REE via Costa Rica, which I also found somewhat impressive given that this transmission was targeting Central America." 
..."Having owned the Uniwave receiver in the past, I find the Newstar to be a significantly better performer overall. It appears to be much more sensitive and its ergonomics--while still a bit quirky--also an improvement over the Uniwave."