Friday, June 8, 2012

We welcome DPRK's VOK to the DRM community!

It appears from this recent report that Voice of Korea (Pyongyang, North Korea) is transmitting in DRM. Via a tip from DRMNA reader Terrence, I have included a Chinese website with a report (portions here in English via Google translation):

"Voice of DPRK VOK closely follow the trend began to DRM digital shortwave broadcasts! Midnight start at 3560kHz, Qingdao, Shandong receiver... CUC-ECDAV: Communication University of China Radio and Television Digital Education Ministry Engineering Research Center."

Here are some cool videos of the English language June 7th broadcast and the June 8th broadcast in Korean. As you will hear, the high production values, overly aggressive compression and sibilant laden distortion present in VOK analogue broadcasts translate well to the digital medium of DRM. Now all we have to do is convince Kim Jong-un to aim the antennas our way for some NA reception opportunities!

Additional info here.