Saturday, February 2, 2013

UPDATE - digital text from The Mighty KBC

9450 kHz North America on 3 February 2013 @ 0000z-0200z

Because of poor shortwave reception in January, we will for the most part repeat the digital text transmissions from two weeks ago during The Mighty KBC North America broadcast at 0000-0200 UTC, 3 February (Saturday evening in North America), on 9450 khz. At about 0130 UTC, 4xPSK63R will be centered on 1000 Hz and MFSK64 centered on 2000 Hz. (For 4XPSK63R, use Fldigi 3.21.65 or newer: OpMode > PSKR > MultiCarrier > 4XPSK63R.) At just before 0200 UTC, an image will be transmitted in the MFSK16 mode. Also, MT63-2000 (long interleave) will be centered on 1500 Hz. This will be an Flmsg formatted transmission, with html. Fldigi and Flmsg can be downloaded from