Thursday, May 16, 2013

Radio Australia joins the Radiogram Fun!

From the VOA Radiogram site of Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott

For the first time, Radio Australia will broadcast digital text and images. This will be Saturday 18 May and Sunday 19 May 2013.

UTC               Frequency (kHz)   Target

0830-0835      7410 & 11945        south-west Pacific
1230-1235      9580 & 12095        south Pacific

As is characteristic of shortwave, reception outside the nominal target areas is likely.
Each five-minute broadcast will include:

  :34 RA tuning signal (still Waltzing Matilda?)
  :05 Tone 1500 Hz
1:42 MFSK16 text
1:42 MFSK32 text
  :55 MFSK32 image

All modes are centered on 1500 Hz. The Radio Australia digital transmissions can be received on any shortwave, even if it does not have single sideband capability. Patch audio from the radio to a personal computer, and use software to decode the modes. For more information, see how to decode the modes.