Friday, August 9, 2013

Brazil to test DRM head-to-head with HD

Read a translation of the story from a Brazilian website.

Some highlights:

""In the first test we had not defined assumptions desirable to Brazil, or at least that minimized any negative effects," he said. The standardization of equipment and some criteria for comparing both standards will also be considered in the review of performance of the two systems.
The reception of the digital signal into phones will also be a novelty in the new experiments. The need to expand the experiments to the platforms "mobile" was suggested by Abert, which integrates the Council.
Another change is the increased power radiated, which is 10% compared to analog. In previous tests were used between 1% and 2%, of which only one has reached the level of 9.6%. "We are increasing the power to perhaps have a better coverage area than the analog," said the director of the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Department of Electronic Communication Services, Octavio Pieranti."