Monday, December 9, 2013

More on Opus codec and my dreaming

This guy seems to "get it" after having spent some time investigating Opus for use in imbedded systems. I continue to see the practicality of implementing these new codecs (such as Opus and codec2)
in DRM and Digital Voice applications for ham radio and other services.

What excites me most, is the ability to multicast via HF DRM. These codecs make it more than possible to offer multiple voice channels with decent audio quality and bandwidth.

Somewhat off topic but...How about we propose a North American DRM service from the new and improved WRMI? What would be ideal is a DRM - AM simulcast transmission with 2 to 4 audio channels available in DRM.

WRMI is looking to lease more airtime. This would be a great way to do it! Their website says they can offer time for as little as "$1 a minute"! Do we know if WRMI is DRM capable now? Kickstarter anyone?

(Thanks for the Opus article link Benn!)