Monday, January 20, 2014

Can we save VOA Delano from the wrecking ball?

Apologies to Miley Cyrus (ok, not really!) but VOA Delano is up for auction. I'm not entirely sure what is left in terms of hardware but there certainly are several big transmitters and quite a few antennas (not sure about their condition). Here is the property surplus notice found on this site.

In addition, here is an overview of the site from the recent past. Wow, wouldn't that be amazing, a West Coast powerhouse - all it would take are a few (hopefully) simple DRM upgrades!

Targeting Asia/Pacific, North-Central-South Americas, (perhaps good signals in Brazil?) this site would be truly unstoppable. I'm not sure to whom we should plead, but by all means, spread the word about this!

UPDATE: Here is a 2008 video on saving VOA Delano on YouTube. Lotsa great history here!