Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brazilian public broadcaster (EBC) plans SW DRM trial

Here is great news from DRM supporter Rafael Diniz:
"Good news, EBC (the Brazilian public broadcaster)
detailed their plans for the SW trial. They'll use
a Continental Lensa tx at power levels of 4kW, 1kW
and 250W with the antenna at Brasilia beamed to 
Amazonia (beamed to the north). They made reception
prediction using Voacap and the expected coverage
with be the centre and part of the north of Brazil
at 4kW. They'll start testing the tx in AM mode in
a few days at 6000kHz. Also, as soon as possible,
they'll change the tx crystal to 5990kHz (EBC's
Radio Senado frequency) and install the DRM30 exciter."  
Check out the public information presentation on these trial broadcasts. 
A notícia é excelente irmão Rafael!