Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Radio Nacional da Amazonia on DRM soon

UPDATE 20150528 22:13 UTC: Test is reported to be on-the-air now - on a different frequency: 9775kHz.

Rafael also reports: "...in the end we used my Diragen30 instead of the USRP."

From Brother Rafael Diniz we received this hopeful note in our DRMNA Yahoo Group mailbox:

"On Thursday, 28th May, I'll try a broadcast at 9755kHz from Radio Nacional da Amazonia. We hope the new amplifier built on purpose works. We expect to have 60W RMS DRM30 on air (plus the antenna gain).

We'll use one of the north-south antennas (not north-only, as Radio Nacional da Amazonia). The setup will be Spark (w/ full feature HE-AAC encoder) as CS / modulador + USRP + some stages of class A amplifiers (we'll see what works).

The idea to use an old tx (Continental Lensa or BBC) is abandoned.The motivation to use a north-south antenna in this initial trial is that most people that can receive DRM in Brazil is in the south of Brazil. But it's easy to change the antenna.Concerning the schedule of the transmission, we hope to keep it on, if everything works well, for a long time."