Friday, June 5, 2015

RNZI - DRM vs AM audio bandwidth

I've done this comparison before but here is a quick double-snapshot of RNZI in DRM and in AM.

This was done with the "Music 101" program host Emma Smith IDing the show, first in DRM on 17675 kHz and then in AM on 15720 kHz. You can see that DRM gains you 5 kHz of audio bandwidth. At the audio bitrate of 15.5 kbps using AAC+, RNZI sounds great - especially when you consider that it is reaching me from nearly 7000 miles away.

No argument, RNZI in AM does perfectly well here, but it is clear that DRM delivers the goods. Also note the level of audio compression on the AM signal. In spreading out the DRM signal, we also gain delightful dynamic range, which is what the recent CD loudness wars have been all about. Imagine how much better xHE-AAC would be!