Sunday, July 5, 2015

More news on Brazil DRM test

From our colleague in Brazil on 20150702:

Hi people,

Next week Ataliba (a friend of DRM-Brasil) will go to Brasilia with his HF rig (IC-725 modified to DRM signal input which goes directly to the PA.). The idea is to use his rig to be the first amplifier stage, as the past pre-amplifier we used was unacceptable with regards to MER, according to the Ministry of Communications engineer.

Ataliba is carrying for some time very successful DRM transmissions in ham radio 40m band. Sometimes with stereo audio content with 4W tx being decoded hundreds of kilometers away.

The idea is, if we get a good quality signal with ~150W on air, the official Brazilian SW digital radio trial will be able to begin,  There is no need for very high power tx for the measurements take place.

The trial will happen on Tuesday.

Rafael Diniz