Tuesday, August 16, 2016

HFCC 2016 DRM Special from Vatican Radio

Vatican Radio is doing a special DRM test broadcast for the HFCC Conference in Miami 22-26 August. They have already started testing toward Miami as of Monday 15 August. The broadcast is at 19:30-20:00 UTC on 17510 kHz, antenna AHR 4/4/0.5 beaming to 292°, 250 kW. Please post any reception to the DRMNA Yahoo Group and the usual places.

Update 20160819:
Brother Zyg sent along this VOACAP of what you might expect using a 6 foot vertical.

Update 20160817:
I just received this email:

Subject: Vatican Radio special DRM broadcast.

Dear Madame/Sir,
I would like to inform you about a special broadcast on occasion of the next HFCC International Broadcasting Delivery coordination conference in Miami, 22-26 August 2016.
The broadcast is from Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican Radio transmitting site, at 19:30 – 20:00 UTC on 17510 kHz, 250 kW digital, AHR 4/4/.5 at 292°, 16QAM-ModeB-Protection level 0.62 – Bit rate 14560 – SDR On.
The broadcast is already on air even if officially it would start on 22 August till 25 August 2016; the content currently broadcast is in French and English but during the “official” period it would be an ad-hoc program with announcement and music.
I kindly ask you to inform listeners at drmrx.org or to inform me on the procedure to be followed to do it.
Best regards.
Sergio Salvatori
Vatican Radio

Thanks to numerous sources for this "heads-up"!