Saturday, October 29, 2016

VOACAP for Brasilia test

Hello Cuba and the Caribbean! Looks like even some of CONUS gets this one. Brother Rafael sends details:

"We assembled the pre-amplifier and the final amp is a ham-amplifier
RM-Italy HLA 305. The modulator is USRP/Spark.
Here in Brazil people could hear small audio hiccups in Rio de Janeiro
(about 1000km away) with the antenna beamed to south.
HR 4/4/0.5, 7db of gain, 312 degrees, 150W "

So, none other than Brother Zyg to the rescue with a VOACAP.

I must say, time and time again I am impressed by the International nature of our hobby. In a time of civil wars, refugees and "building walls", I am humbled by the DRM and Shortwave communities. There is HOPE, my friends. I'm tempted to sing Kumbaya, but I will resist.