Monday, April 24, 2017

Further updates on the Gospell GR-216

I've had further correspondence with Haochun of Gospell about the arrival of the GR-216. It is currently being shown at the Gospell booth at NAB in Las Vegas, April 22-27 2017 [Visit them! Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Booth: N6824]

Additional details (from questions I posed):

 "The internal antennas (whip and ferrite bar) are active antenna design. The market position of GR-216 is a consumer radio so SSB is not in the scope and not on our road map."

"...we are working on a "pro" version of GR-216 which is capable of doing... multimedia content as well as Journaline. By the way, the development Journaline for GR-216 is on the way and will be available in a future firmware update."
Here is the current promotional PDF flyer. Haochun indicates they are part-sourcing now, preparing for production. This looks like a really solid desktop radio. Perfect for the enthusiast, yet designed with simple operation for the typical user.