Sunday, May 27, 2018

Great fun at NASB 2018!

Good things were planned at SonSet Solutions in Elkhart, Indiana and those fine folks delivered!

Charles Jacobson served as Emcee and host for two days of fun and fellowship at SonSet, a partial continuation of the services that we all remember as HCJB. SonSet and ReachBeyond are now the heirs to this PRICELESS Shortwave legacy!

As usual, folks assembled from around the globe to discuss, reminisce and plan the future of Shortwave radio. I am always awed at the knowledge and experience of the various attendees. Representatives from all over CONUS and as far away as Asia and Europe were in attendance.

Presentations ran-the-gamut from news, receiver technology, new installations, antennas... the list goes on. Here are just a few highlights!

Charles gave an informative tour of the plant at SonSet Solutions. He then detailed projects including work with the SonSet Radio (a rather robust and efficient fixed-tuned ministry receiver).

Ever the popular presenter, Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott presented Digital Broadcasts on Analogue Shortwave Transmitters. He is the producer of "Shortwave Radiogram" and is recently retired from VOA. Dr. Elliot wowed the audience with live decodes (transmitted from WRMI and WWCR) of Shortwave Radiogram via a SonSet radio. Presentation of foreign characters (Cyrillic, Chinese and Arabic) really showed the power of this novel broadcasting technology!

Gerhard Straub Director, IBB Broadcast Technologies Division presented and engaging talk on International Broadcasting Bureau Shortwave Projects with continued good news about our CONUS powerhouse in Greenville, North Carolina.

Jerome Hirigoyen of Telediffusion de France (TDF) offered details of the 360-degree Rotatable Antenna System known as ALLISS. I'd take one for my house, but the neighbors might complain!

NASB is known for excellent food and our dinner at "Das Dutchman Essenhaus" in Middlebury, IN (an Amish style restaurant in the middle of Amish country) was tasty and great fun.

Of course, if you are reading this blog, you want to know about DRM! Well the news was plentiful and I'd call it GREAT! Both George Ross of TWR and yours truly presented on DRM topics.

George had more news about the Titus II receiver. It is nearly ready from prime-time and will be using Fraunhofer MMPlayer. This is great news and should make for a very versatile receiver. Although there have been numerous false-starts with the release of the Titus II, it is nearing release and is still promised at the sub $100 price tag.

In "fly catching mode" I am seen here presenting the DRM global update  and extolling the virtues of the Gospell GR-216.

After my presentation, we moved to SonSet's hamshack to attach the Gospell to an external antenna. We were then treated to an hour of nearly flawless reception of Radio Kuwait in DRM stereo! It was really a joy and attendees that had never experienced DRM were awestruck at the audio quality and signal clarity from so far away.

NASB members gave brief reports about their efforts. Of particular interest is the work that J.D Tayloe of Strategic Communications Group shared regarding reviving an old KOL Israel site.

The business meeting handled NASB elections and plans for 2019. The location wasn't finalized but should be shortly. Stay tuned! Another great NASB conference! Thanks to the host, SonSet Solutions for another memorable and informative meeting!