Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fraunhofer and China pen xHE-AAC & Journaline MOU

Read the article here but the meat of it can be found in this quote:

"The MoU is based on long-term mutual trust established in previous collaborations, and aims to further develop the cooperation with regard to the open terrestrial DRM standard, including technologies substantially developed by Fraunhofer IIS, such as the xHE-AAC audio codec and the Journaline text service. In addition, the two parties will intensify their exchange of information on DRM technology, work on jointly promoting DRM technology, conduct workshops on DRM technology, and conduct field trials to successfully drive the deployment of DRM in China."

It would appear this will simplify the process for DReaM and other receiver software solutions to use xHE-AAC, which has been long-term point of contention with DRM enthusiasts. Moreover, I think this act solidifies China's commitment to DRM. Could this act break the log-jam of affordable receivers?

20191204 CLARIFICATION: Brother Rafael informs me that the xHE-AAC is only a problem for the compiled Windows version of DReaM, the binaries already do contain the codec. He indicates that programmers are needed (not paid, just willing souls) to build Windows compiled versions.