Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The "High-Frequency Parties" return!

You might remember our previous input on SWBC matters several years back. Now, with this pending application containing potentially "spurious emissions", we have decided to say our piece. We are known as the High-Frequency Parties, consisting of Benn Kobb, Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott and myself, Christopher Rumbaugh.

We're filing an objection with the FCC to an application for International Broadcast Station being proposed in Illinois. Do we want and support DRM? Of Course we do! Do we believe that latency arbitrage in International Shortwave Broadcast Bands is a deleterious intruder? You bet your sweet bippy we do! Read our take here.

Once again, antiquated rules are hindering radio technologies. In this case, latency arbitrage is certainly a reasonable use of radio waves - but it does not belong in-band with International Broadcast stations. International Broadcast bands are global-village shared public resources for the promotion of culture, ideas and mutual understanding - not encrypted financial trading data.

UPDATE 20200708 1830 UTC : Here is an article in Radioworld on the "High-Frequency Parties" objection filing.