Thursday, October 13, 2022

WRMI needs your help - Hurricane damage from Ian

Jeff White of WRMI has set up a Go Fund Me for the extensive damage to their antenna field. Please do what you can. You mat also donate directly to their PayPal account.


WRMI has a rich history of supplying news, information and entertainment to the world from our Okeechobee, Florida Transmitters.

Hurricane Ian damage to our antenna farm is so extensive, it has knocked us off the air to Europe and Africa.

We need your help to get us back on the air again to transmit to Europe and Africa news, information, religious programming and entertainment.

We have no insurance for the antenna farm due to the huge cost of insurance premiums.

We are desperately asking for help around the world to get us back on the air again to Europe and Africa. Your help is paramount to WRMI returning to the air in the many countries in Europe and Africa.

Your help will allow WRMI to rebuild the transmission towers destroyed by Hurricane Ian that are pointed towards Europe and Africa.

We thank you for your support of WRMI. Hurricane Ian knocked us down pretty hard. But we know with your help, we can rise back up and provide programming in many languages again to Europe and Africa.


Jeff White
General Manager WRMI
Okeechobee, Florida"