Monday, October 30, 2023

CML Micro's DRM1000 chipset and new Gospell receivers

"The DRM1000 contains all the hardware, software, IP and patent licenses required for a radio equipment manufacturer to produce a dual-mode (digital and analog) DRM-capable receiver. It offers a 60% cost reduction and 80% power reduction over existing DRM technologies, according to the company. CML Micro notes that the device can run effectively from solar or wind-up rechargeable batteries, as well as small disposable batteries. "

“We are truly honored to collaborate with CML Micro in launching two groundbreaking DRM receivers based on the DRM1000 module, namely the GR-220 and GR-221,” stated Haochun Liu, head of research and development at Gospell. “We’re confident that our combined efforts will not only deliver unparalleled value to people but also pave the way for the next chapter in DRM technology.”


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