Monday, October 10, 2011

First ever DRM broadcasts to Southern Africa

These kids just might be in the beam of the first ever DRM broadcast for Southern Africa [they are in Iringa, Tanzania]. With the recent improvements in higher band propagation, be listening for the following special broadcasts. Please report to DRMNA Yahoo Group if you have any decoding success!

"The live show in French from 1200-1300 GMT will be followed two hours later (1400-1500 GMT) by a Digital Radio Show in English with international participation including the chairpersons of the DRM and WorldDMB Consortia. Both the French and English programmes will be carried live on DRM SW 21800 from Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean and should be heard in countries like South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique. The English programme will also be carried at 1800 GMT into Southern Asia on DRM SW 12085, at the end of the daily regular BBC/DW transmission." For the complete text, see the Consortium press release.

UPDATE: Here is a gorgeous screen capture of the signal from our DRMNA member Claudio PY2GVY in Limeira, Brazil.

Wow, that is one clean looking waterfall! There were great band conditions for this test. That is a distance of 2400 miles and Brazil certainly is not anywhere near the intended target. Once again, DRM shows it is up to the challenge and that it ignores borders!

UPDATE #2: But wait, there's more! Our stalwart DRM enthusiast in India [Alokesh Gupta] sent along this nice screen grab. Here we see the famous Journaline in action. I'm a big fan of RADIOACTIVITY, the blog Alokesh so capably writes. Check it out!

I'm not done yet... Watch this YouTube video of Morphy Richards receiver in Brazil with the broadcast.