Sunday, July 29, 2012

Newstar DR111 Firmware upgrade on the way!

DRM-Log Plotter output from the Newstar DR111
I have had the privilege of playing with some new DR111 firmware and I say it is GREAT!
Improvements include:
  • DRM logging support [ability to use the DRM-Log Plotter software from Terje]
  • AM tuning without radio muting
  • DRM audio recording [length limited only by SD card size]
  • Backlight timer setting [always on, always off, various]
  • AGC/DSP improvements to reduce audio pumping during weak signal reception.
As soon as the Firmware gets official distribution, I'll offer more info. I'd like to say that Newstar has been very responsive to our suggestions and the radio gets stronger by the day!


Alokesh just wrote me and mentioned that there are even more improvements including the excellent "DRM Expert Mode" display, which I neglected to mention. Here is his handiwork from Disco Palace on 15775 kHz with a series of "Expert Mode" display screens!