Thursday, August 2, 2012

No good news from Australia!

I was trying to get over the news of the imminent break-up of the Wiggles, (just saw them in Portland and they were AWESOME!) but now this!

Nigel Holmes responded to my inquiry about RA DRM and indicated that one of Australia's digital partners is concerned about the prospect of Radio Australia in DRM!

This may stem from a lack of understanding of both mode and audience. Radio Australia is known throughout the shortwave community as an excellent international broadcaster. Someone forgot to tell those working on digital conversion in-country that
Radio Australia running DRM on International Short Wave Frequencies is no competition to local Australian VHF/UHF digital services!

Nigel commented that "If RA gets up a DRM service from Shepparton you'll hear about it..." I appreciate his openness and hope to hear good news in the near future.