Saturday, August 11, 2012

Newstar DR111 Firmware Upgrade (version 790)

CDNSE has released new firmware version 790 for the DR111. Highlights include: 
  • Supports DRM recording and playback
  • Supports DRM reception logging
  • Supports DRM expert display mode
  • Improved volume control
  • Improved AM tuning (no more muting!)
  • Improved AGC (better DSP tracking)
The new firmware improves the usability and performance of the receiver. I love the ability to log, record and monitor DRM reception statistics. I'm Tweeting reception reports @drmna_info.

Although not an "official" modification, I have added an external rechargeable battery via a strip of Velcro to the back of the radio. I have gotten about 14 hours of operation with this setup. The switching circuitry in the battery pack seems to interfere a bit with FM reception, but not enough to worry about.

As I have stated before, the DR111 works very well as a standalone DRM receiver. The analog reception is greatly improved with this firmware release. Join the Newstar DR111 Yahoo group for more information and ongoing discussion.