Friday, November 30, 2012

Let Dr. Elliott take control of your PC again

UPDATE: 20121207

9450kHz on Sunday 9 December @ 00:00 UTC -
The Giant Jukebox with Eric van Willegen.

Expect even more from Dr. Elliot this weekend on The Mighty KBC! Look forward to trying PSKR125 and two flavors of MT63! Check their website site for more details. Have FLMSG ready for receiving a webpage via shortwave.

I must say. these digital text tests are some fun! The music played by Eric is great too. I bet he plays something cool that you have never heard before! I'm looking forward to their upcoming holiday specials, especially in DRM! The Mighty KBC is a true friend of radio fans and DRM enthusiasts. Be sure to drop them a message and tell them how much you appreciate their fun and innovative take on shortwave broadcasting!

Scoot on over to Kim Andrew Elliott's blog to take a look at what is coming for digital enthusiasts this weekend from The Mighty KBC. In brief... CORRECTION: This UTC Sunday, 2 December,

"Sunday, 25 November, more digital text during the broadcast of The Mighty KBC at 0000 to 0200 on 9450 kHz. At about 0130 UTC, PSK125 will be centered at 1300 Hz on the waterfall, MFSK32 at 2200 Hz"