Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amazing performance from MT63-2K

In our on-going, off-topic saga of digital text modes, the MT63-2K from last night's Mighty KBC broadcast takes the cake! MT63 shares OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) in common with DRM. Boy did it once again show how it shines via a disturbed HF/SW signal path.  

Here is an MP3 file of the final text transmission of the broadcast, recorded at my West Coast location. Take a look at this blog post from Dr. Elliott for the details. Mind you, this is being transmitted from Bulgaria, some 6000+ miles to my location. 

I hope I am not losing you here, but digital text modes are a perfect match to DRM30 in terms of augmenting what is already available on shortwave. The most impressive elements of these tests are that no modifications are required to either the transmitter or an off-the-shelf analogue AM shortwave receiver.

Not only could a transmission like this supplement an internet service (by not requiring bandwidth yet delvering "web" content) but also delivering content when web service is disconnected (by natural or unnatural means). Why aren't FEMA and other powers-that-be looking into something like this? It works great on shortwave, imagine it on AM and FM broadcast bands!

OK, I'm a fan-boy (as I have been and admit to all along for DRM) and I want to see something like this take hold. Simple freeware like FLDIGI for Linux, Windows and Mac already has the capacity to decode. Why not apps for smartphones in Android and iOS? This would be a simple way that an up-and-coming programmer out there could make a name for them self. Perhaps, even one of our readers has this skill?