Saturday, November 3, 2012

RNZI - New DRM Schedule

20121110 UPDATE: Please note the schedule has changed since this posting. Refer to the schedule link below for details.

Here is RNZI 's new DRM schedule for the B12 season. I'm not sure it is quite as good for DRMNAers as their A12, but I have been getting some use out of the the 17675 kHz broadcasts. We will see as the season goes on as to how well we fare.

I'm always happy to see the dedication and devotion RNZI has for DRM. As you may have read in one of our earlier articles, RNZI feeds many Pacific FM relay stations with its excellent audio delivered via DRM to these Pacific islands. For RNZI, DRM serves as a savings mechanism to combat the high cost of satellite time and equipment. Let  RNZI know how much YOU appreciate their DRM broadcasts! We can always hope we will see some action from their neighbor Australia this season too.