Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ampegon reports first Shortwave Transmitter ready for delivery

Ampegon is the new iteration of Thompson, with offices in Germany, Switzerland and China. This press release reports five 300kW DRM capable transmitters are ready to go (as well as 5 antennas and 2 control systems). Based on this image's file name, they are headed for Taiwan. I'm not sure, but capacity like that could make for some excellent DRM listening!

Full text of press release:

"21.12.2012 First Ampegon Shortwave Transmitter ready for delivery

After the successful introduction and launch of Ampegon in November 2012, we are delighted to present the first Ampegon shortwave transmitter ready for shipment.

The 300 kW shortwave transmitter supports both AM analog and DRM digital operation and is a part delivery for an important radio broadcast modernisation project in Asia. The full turnkey system which has been contracted to Ampegon includes the supply, installation, commissioning and acceptance of a total of five 300 kW shortwave transmitters, five rigid dipole antennas as well as two broadcasting control systems. The complete installation will be operational mid 2013."