Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hear it? Tweet it! #drmlog campaign

20121223 UPDATE - Be sure to visit the official DRMLOG website at

I'm still beating the drum about logging DRM reception reports. No matter if you do it manually or via DRM-Log Plotter, the format is simple:

 <YYYY-MM-DD date, start time in UTC, duration of broadcast or monitoring, location in Lat/Lon, Frequency monitored in kHz, broadcaster name hashtag with "_DRM" suffix, average SNR in dB, percentage of audio decoded, #drmlog hashtag, comments (optional), screen grab url of DRM-Log Plotter (optional)>.

Here is an example from Terje, while he was in Japan:

2012-12-14 0705Z 0h51m 35N/138E 11675kHz 21.6dBavgSNR 99.4%audio Excellent but high Doppler

It really is that easy! I enjoy searching the #drmlog hashtag on Twitter to see what my friends are hearing. It is a great way for us to chase the DRM dx, find things to listen to in our area of the world and to update broadcasters about current conditions. I've created this banner if anyone would like to use it on their website.

Truly the process is easiest using the CDNSE Newstar DR111, but there is no reason that anyone with DRM receiving gear can't post. Keeping the logging data consistent will eventually allow us to harvest the statistics from Twitter to create some longer-term studies of reception conditions. Consider my proposal and think of it as a way we can give back to the DRM community as well as have some fun!