Sunday, June 2, 2013

Does Earl like DRM30?

I guess we won't know the answer until it is released, but what we do know is listed here. However it shakes-out, this is going to be one killer tool to take on the road.

There are hints from the developers that they will set-up the SDR to allow decoding of some HF data signals and the VHF side should be able to handle SAME from NWS/NOAA.

If nothing more, the "Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet" is a testimony to the power of crowd-source funding. They are already way over their goal and have more than a week until they close pre-orders.

At this point, ordering now ($249 for basic model) will get you 30% off the expected retail price. If you order one, tell them you heard about it on DRMNA and you want DRM decoding as an option! Porting DReaM to Android might just work if they make the IF or  I/Q available to the Apps.