Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FCC Comissioner Pai "when it comes to the AM band, “You’ve got a friend in me""

An open letter to Commissioner Ajit Pai :

Commissioner Pai,

OK, we understand your commitment to revitalizing AM. We are a group of radio enthusiasts that love the AM/MW band too. Please give the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) platform an opportunity to be tested against iBiquity's AM technology on a real-world, even playing field. DRM will easily outperform iBiquity AM and is an open source solution, much closer to the reach of the many smaller stations that inhabit the AM/MW band in the United States.

 iBiquity FM works well and has proven itself. It is time to move on to DRM as a day and night solution for the digital conversion of the AM/MW band. The American public has been cheated by not being allowed to weigh the merits of this competing format on AM/MW.

DRM  is being used daily all over the world on the HF bands. It delivers FM quality (with choice of stereo or mono) audio via very difficult propagation circuits. It has also already proven itself in other parts of the globe on both AM/MW and LW. Trans-Pacific SW reception of Radio New Zealand in DRM is phenomenal here on the West Coast!

Go ahead and see how a country like India with a developing national infrastructure is employing DRM to serve it's huge population. We love the fact that we have a "friend" in the FCC. Please listen to your friends -  the listening public - and allow DRM a fair, North American national trial that runs head-to-head with iBiquity's AM format!

"Your Friend", 
-Christopher of