Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Channeling the late and legendary Willis Conover, Radio Marti hit the air today for the first time ever on DRM - playing JAZZ! You read that right!

On the 4th of February, USAGM Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) began testing Radio Marti in DRM from Greenville.  The transmitter being used is a venerable Continental Electronics 617-A 50 kW ISB transmitter, a Transradio DMOD3 DRM modulator and a content server from RF Mondiale.  Antenna is a Rhombic (BR31) oriented 174 degrees True.  Peak power is around 50 kW but DRM average power is just over 5 kW.  Check 41 Meters for further tests. Reception reports to gstraub@usagm.gov

DRM North America indeed. How cool is this - DRM and Jazz on the North American continent. This is what DRMNA is all about!