Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Updates to the Radio Marti DRM broadcasting test:

Frequency is 7345 kHz from 1700-0200 UTC.

Reception reports today came in from Georgia, Florida, Washington, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

Current testing has it in 64 QAM with Radio Marti on one audio service and VOA on another audio service. The bit rate for VOA is really low.

Depending on reception reports, they may drop to 16 QAM and only run one audio service. Using the xHE-AAC codec means some people cannot decode the audio, but it saves lots of bits! The Gospell and Avion receivers currently available should have no problem with audio decoding.

Brother Zyg also reports:

1. I am receiving the DRM transmission on 7345 kHz here in the Atlanta area even though my shortwave antenna was blown down very recently and is lying on the ground in several pieces!  The Screen ID shows two separate audio streams, Radio Marti and Voice of America.

2. I cannot decode the audio because it is using the latest xHE mode and the Dream software does not have that capability.

3. The KiwiSDR web receivers do have the xHE decoders (DRM extension) and I have listened to the audio on several KiwiSDR receivers in the SE USA.   

Here are Zyg's hour by hour VOACAP plots:

[Gospell display photo from @SWWINB]