Friday, September 24, 2021

Report from Brazil DRM test


It is in Portuguese, but has some great images and a post from Brother Zyg included! Check out the PDF here.

Monday, August 9, 2021

NASB 2021 Postponed due to Covid


NASB 2021
Annual Meeting

URGENT! (updated August 6, 2021)
Meeting Dates:
The 2021 NASB Annual Meeting which was scheduled for September 9 and 10 has been postponed (again) due to the Covid-19 situation in Alabama. 

EWTN/WEWN has put all meetings on hold until further notice due to serious infections of the Covid Delta variant in the area.  We sincerely apologize to everyone for this inconvenience, and we hope that those who have airline reservations can change them to the new dates when we know what they are.   

If you have reserved a room at the Best Western hotel, please cancel your reservation.  There will be no penalty; no charges have been made to your cards.  Please check this website regularly for the latest updates. 

We hope to reschedule our annual meeting as soon as possible, and it will be in the same location at WEWN.  Please be safe, and again we apologize for this situation which is unfortunately beyond our control.  Thank you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

NASB 2021 Scheduled for September at WEWN

The NASB 2021 Annual Meeting will be Thursday and Friday, September 9 & 10, in Birmingham, Alabama. The meeting will be held at the WEWN transmitter site. Suggested arrival on Wednesday as the meetings will start early Thursday morning. 

WEWN will provide transportation between the hotel and the transmitter site, and also for the optional excursion to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville on Friday afternoon.  

Here is the updated info. I'm already booked so see you there!  

Thursday, April 1, 2021

CNR DRM test schedule posted

While not particularly new information, we have confirmation of times and frequencies as well as a few things to be watching for. Undoubtedly this is why it has been reported that Gospell is in full production mode for their new receivers.

Via World of Radio, Takahito Akabayashi posted his findings from the following 

Original source:

 2055-1805 6030 0 degrees 3FF (except Tue 0600-0900)
 0100-0900 13825 175 degrees 3EA

 0100-0900 11695 41 degrees 3E8
 0100-0900 17700 16 degrees 3ED

 0100-0400 15180 32 degrees 2
 0400-1100 13810 32 degrees 2

 0000-0400 9420 203 degrees 1
 0400-1000 7360 203 degrees 1
 1000-1200 9870 203 degrees 1

 2200-0100 9655 98 degrees 3EC
 0100-0800 17830 98 degrees 3EC
 0800-1200 9655 98 degrees 3EC

Power listed as 30kW 

Additional test transmission using the HFCC registered CRI frequencies of Kunming transmitter site. Power 30kW, 135 degrees, transmission identification code 3F9.

 0100-0300 9730
 0700-0900 12030
 0100-0500 12090
 0300-0500 13655
 0500-0700 13715
 0700-0900 13775
 0500-0700 15615

Monday, March 15, 2021

New StarWaves DRM receiver spotted

No info beyond what is here. We reported awhile back that there would be some StarWaves product to come. This one may hit the magic USD 50 mark at some point. Time will tell!