Your admin is a ham radio operator and radio enthusiast. I am located in the state of Oregon in the USA. I have no connections with the broadcasting industry or the DRM organization beyond my advocacy and enthusiasm. I just happen to think there is a place in North America for this excellent broadcast technology and I want to help make it happen!

I'm looking for like minded people to join me in the call for broadcasters worldwide to embrace this 21st century technology and make DRM in  NA a reality.

Both international broadcasters and broadcasters in North America can benefit from the DRM technology. Countries like Russia and India have embraced DRM for their digital conversion. Russia has a population of 141,950,000 and India has 1,139,964,932 (2008, World Bank). These huge audiences will be ripe for fresh content, especially in easy to understand English (like VOA Special English). International broadcasters can take advantage of the "on the go" population of the USA as well. The average commute time for Americans is nearly 30 minutes, a captive audience ready to embrace an exciting new technology!

With facilities such as BBC Journaline news feeds and image slideshows, DRM is poised to offer remote services such as traffic reports, news and weather maps as well. Remote delivery of content is open to whatever the imagination can dream up. What about radio plays with streamed text scripts? What about language learning over the air sent with supporting text? How about exciting documentaries, news stories or teaching with charts, graphs, images or even video? With all these benefits as well as energy savings for the broadcaster, DRM is a great solution and an innovative improvement to traditional international broadcasting.

In addition, I think it is also our place to advocate for changes to FCC regulations regarding domestic shortwave broadcasting. Currently, domestic shortwave broadcasting (without additional foreign targets) is forbidden by FCC regulations. Let's work to change this restriction and thus modernize North American shortwave broadcasting.

Feel free to contact me through the DRMNA Group