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The following list of journal articles listed by title is provided to help in understanding, implementing and using DRM. Some are available online free (links included where applicable), others you may have to obtain through Interlibrary Loan at your local or school library. Enjoy!


Accuracy analysis of the Millington’s prediction method in the medium waveband. Guerra, David, et al. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 55.2, 2007, pg 500+

Autocorrelation properties of OFDM timing synchronization waveforms employing pilot subcarriers. Ureten, Oktay, and Selcuk Tascioglu. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2009.

Business potential of HD Radio (RTM) and Digital Radio Mondiale: A comparative case study of stakeholder perceptions. RP Barnes - 2010 -

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DRM Introduction & Implementation Guide (2012)

Estimation of inchannel-interference to Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) signals during operation. Losada, Iker, et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 54.2 , 2008, pg 287+

External noise measurements in the medium wave band. Prieto, Gorka, et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 53.2 , 2007, pg 553+

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KW Kwon, SJ Kim, P Yong-Suk

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Indoor Radio Noise Long-Term Measurements in Medium Wave band in buildings of city areas in the north of Spain. I Landa, A Arrinda, I Fernandez - Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters IEEE, Issue 99, 24 Jan 2011, pg 1

YJ Kim, KW Kwon, WJ Shin, MG Kang

Local digital radio in the 26 MHz band using DRM-Results of the Brasilia field trials. RG Neves, I Pena, FF Lima, H Abdalla IMOC 2007

Location correction factor for coverage planning tools for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) in the 26 MHz band. JM Matfas, I Pena, D de la Vega Broadband, 2008

Low-cost integer frequency offset estimation for OFDM-based DRM
receiver. ES Shim, J Kim. Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions, 2010

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Planning Factors for Digital Local Broadcasting in the 26 MHz Band
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L Jin. Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions, 2010

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Technical Aspects Outline for the Strategy of Launching Digital Broadcasting in Poland on Wave Bands Below 30 MHz. A Dusiński

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