Sunday, November 7, 2010

Building receivers bit by bit

So we have arrived at the Digital Convergence right? Is broadcasting (in the traditional sense) slowly being left out or superseded?

We need to think of ways we can leverage our (DRM enthusiasts) global reach. Could we broker a manufacturing project like Alan and Stephan are talking about? With open-source hardware and software, the possibilities are endless.

There certainly is no shortage of natural and man made disasters. With huge areas of the globe in need of humanitarian assistance, and the power of DRM to deliver material in audio, text, image and video, I can't help but think we could find partners from numerous benevolent organizations to help us reach this goal.

The power of DRM needs to be harnessed through just this kind of ground-swell. How could a new type of device (i.e. the work of Stephan and Alan) be created on a grand scale?

Let's consider India as an example. How could the DRM community elsewhere offer its services and throw its weight behind something like a low cost laptop or tablet? What about the OLPC?

Having DRM functionality piggy-back on such an initiative would get the broadcasting foothold that this technology needs. Where better for a tool like a DRM receiver than in the hands of children in a developing country (and a country that has chosen DRM as their digital broadcast platform of choice.)

I'm trying to work as a catalyst here, thinking if we can synthesize the science, production and attention to the technology, the other elements will naturally follow.

Unfortunately my individual power is limited. I have some knowledge of broadcasting from my undergraduate eduction and my hobby interests, but I currently work outside the industry. What can you do to help further these goals?

-Your admin