Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pappradio update [compatible with DRM+!]

From the Pappradio website via Google Translate:

This new version of the DLL Winrad Pappradio is now for frequencies from 20 kHz to 210 MHz tunable...

From Stephan via email:

"Did you already hear that we were able to lift the upper frequency limit to 200 MHz? With a little trick it's also possible to tune to the FM Band. The only thing is thats very usefull to put a FM Bandpass Filter into the antenna line to "sort out" all frequencies that are not in the FM Band to clean it up. If tested a lot last two weeks, the quality is very well. Very interesting: as three Pappradios went to Brasil, they now test the Pappradio with DRM+. The initial test went well..."

Great news indeed!