Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crop Circles? No, our DRMNA Blowtorch!

I'd like to offer a shout-out to those at the controls (and pulling the strings) of the TDF, Montsinery, French Guiana transmitter site....

In my few free moments to play DRM each week, the Montsinery transmiter site is consistently solid signal-wise and always rockin! Through that site, TDP Radio (and Disco Palace for that matter) really put in a heck of a signal and fun tunes into my piece of the Northwest part of the USA.

How lucky we are to have a few international broadcasters that care about us! This site is a killer asset to DRMNA and I think we owe TDF and TDP our utmost respect and admiration. Today (Sunday, 08 May 2011) I have 31 dB SNR from them with the throb of TDP in my shack!

Honestly people, how much more would it take to run that transmitter with a stable of international broadcasters blanketing the DRMNA area with great programming 24/7? DRM has so many advantages over traditional analog broadcasting. Why can't we get some cheap RXers to market and make this happen! We already have a site like Montsinery ready for the business! C'mon broadcasters and manufacturers, get your act together!