Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CDNSE announces DR111 pre-production samples

[UPDATE 20120417]

DRM adventurists, sign up on the DR111 pre-production sample ordering page. I'm looking forward to a reasonably priced, working DRM standalone receiver. How about you? This device has not been approved by the F.C.C.

Cost for pre-production sample is $120 plus shipping and handling.

Comments from Allen via email:

"We only have limited units for our first Pre-production manufacture. My target market is for wholesalers and business owners. However, I do also sale to individual as well."

"We are intentionally not to disclose our price in our website at this moment due a few reasons. Our first PP has low production volume and is not target the general public yet. Hope the future price will be much less when the production volume increases. Plus we do not want to our competitors to know our pricing strategy. Therefore, we did not mention our price in our website. Regarding our quality, we aware it is not a perfect receiver yet. However, we are doing our best on improving the efficiency and quality. At this moment, we believe our DRM receiver has best quality and functionality by comparing with other companies."

Be sure to read the DRMNA interview with Allen Liang of CDNSE.