Saturday, February 9, 2013

Japanese DRM fan captures Australian Test Broadcast

Read a rough translation about Hiroshi's catch. I heard nothing about this one guys, sorry. Thanks go to Terje for the tip about Hiroshi's blog.

It is unknown by me how long this broadcast was and to where it was beamed. Shown here is 1105z Monday, 21 January 2013 on 12080kHz. Looks like a crazy high bitrate, which likely hampered good decode for all but directwave listeners.  

Beer-fueled rant to follow: Why in the hell won't some DRM broadcasters "get the memo" about using a lower bitrate as audio quality trade-off for a more robust broadcast? A great compromise is to go with a lower (yet effective) bitrate such as RNZI has proven effective for transcontinental DRM... between 15 and 17 kbps!

Of course, readers of this blog know that I question why DRM is not considering or at least experimenting with the new innovations found in the very bit-rate efficient Codec2!