Tuesday, September 10, 2013

North American AM Revitalization? Pig in a Poke!

Radioworld's September 1st issue features an article about AM and sustainability and revitalization. What articles like this one don't seem to indicate is the real "dollars to donuts" stats the industry (and the people of the USA) need to decide if HD is right for AM's digital conversion. The fact is, NAB and FCC are sold-out to iBiquity in such a way that we are unlikely to ever get real stats on how HD (IBOC) from iBiquity works on AM (particularly nighttime sky-wave) or if it is even in the ballpark compared to the more-than-proven DRM30 protocol.

I find it sad that AM broadcasters are sinking into the mire of outdated regulations while a single for-profit company has the "permitted mode" locked down strictly for it's own financial gain. Let me make myself clear - the market (as in Capitalist) needs competition to function properly. An open standard like DRM30 is needed at least as far as it can be compared to the existing iBiquity HD (IBOC) format in terms of what will work best in North America as MW BC alternative to AM.

Until DRM30 is given a fair chance at showing its prowess in nighttime sky-wave conditions, the North American radio industry is being sold a "pig in a poke" with the existing iBiquity HD (IBOC) solution.

I really feel like a voice crying in the wilderness here, and what's worse is I feel like (nearly) the only voice? Where is the outrage? NAB and iBiquity won't even release their own technical findings about all-digital on MW BC? Whass'up with that? Help me here people! Write the FCC and tell them we want DRM30 as an option for AM/MW BC!