Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brazilian Parliament wants to know more about DRM!

Here is a very cool piece of news from the DRM
Consortium via our friend Rafael. It appears that
some members of the Brazilian Parliament are
seeing past the "smoke and mirrors" that is the
iBiquity AMBC solution. Perhaps this will lead
to victory for Digital Radio Mondiale in Brazil?
Go Ruxandra - preach it sister!

Report Turned Down for now in Brazilian Parliament
09 Oct 2013

Dear All,

This is just a little update on the vote and discussion that took place in the
Brazilian Parliament/Chamber of Deputies during the public hearing yesterday.
For those interested in aprticiaption, what was said please click here:

This is linked to the report and recommendation that Deputy (Parana) Sandro Alex
finally submitted after visits to US (Ibiquity) and Germany (DRM last year).

Context (based on google translation etc.): Congressman Alex Sandro (PPS- PR )
announced in plenary Chamber session, of the parliamentary Commission of Science
,Technology , Communication and Information , the report of the  subcommittee
formed to study and evaluate the model of digital radio to be adopted in Brazil
. The congressman is the rapporteur of this group. The document was referred to
the Minister of Communications and associations of broadcasters throughout the
country , " as a contribution to the advancement of this important issue " . The
choice of the subcommittee was mainly the American system HD ,but the Deputy PPS
stressed that there is no exclusivity . The report should have been voted

Work of the Subcommittee

The deputy noted that the subcommittee held travels and discussions  public
hearings on the digital radio system . First, the  parliamentarians were to the
United States in October 2011 to understand the American model . In 2012 , it
was the turn of Germany , where

they analysed the system of DRM , with the purpose of verifying stage and
technologies for adoption in Brazil .

Among those invited to public hearings held by subcommittee were the
Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo , the Electronic Communication Secretary
of the ministry , Genildo Lins , besides experts and scholars from around the
country .

What happened: It seems that during the hearing yesterday (2 hours) the balance
was very much in favour of an open system that serves not only FM but also MW
and SW (have you guessed the standard?). In front of such opposition
the Parana deputy declared the report just a “draft” and promised to come back
with a full report. He has been already  in touch with our representative and as
the British police would say “we are now helping him with his inquiry”.

Out thanks at this point go to Marcelo, Rafael, the Brazilian Platform and of
course to Deputy Luiza Erundina who challenged the report, asked for a public
debate and made so eloquently and publicly  the case for a free and open digital
standard for Brazil.
A small victory but still far from the finishing line, I believe!

Best regards and abracos!

DRM Consortium Chair