Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Radio Nacional da Amazonia works toward DRM

Our man on the scene, Rafael Diniz reports about work ongoing at Radio Nacional da Amazonia.

"Hi there people,

Past week I visited the Rodeador transmitter site of RNdA. 

I'm helping EBC engineers to put a DRM signal on ar. 

We are trying to connect the USRP / Spark to excite the the Continental Lensa tx, but it's giving us too much headache, I think the better will be to use the 250kW BBC tube tx instead at 6180kHz (currently off-air).

There are some pictures of the txs and antennas (and me!) here:

Best regards,
Rafael Diniz" 
Here is the satellite view of the antenna field. Thanks Rafael for the update. Be sure to tell us more as soon as you have the details! (via DRMNA Yahoo Group)